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Qingdao Monyinor Food Co., Ltd., founded in February 2014, is located in the food industry of Qingdao, Laixi, Shandong province. It is a new enterprise integrating production, processing, packaging, export and transportation. The registered fund is 10 million yuan, the company has 35 official employees and 80-200 staff members, mainly engaged in onion processing. And export the processing and export of other vegetables. The company has the raw material planting base, the factory cold storage 19, the onion processing room three, the annual production amount is 35300t, the products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia (Vietnam Thailand and so on).





Monyinor has its own vegetable planting base, processing plant, products through strict screening and inspection, at the same time, we have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO22000 food safety management system certification.


Company characteristics




Anniversary supply system
Farm management
Confirmation of pesticide management
Residual pesticide inspection
Machining plant management
Traceback System


Variation, vacuum, centering, nitrogen, centering nitrogen, etc. can be compliant with detailed standards.
5S management
The management consciousness of hygiene is higher than other companies such as the management of knife management, the provision of chemical management and cleaning equipment.
Advanced approach

There is a nursery facility on the premises of the plant, and considering efforts such as development of varieties.

Condition of origin(2017)



September to March Gansu
As the area increased last year, there are many stocks in the Gansu area this year, and concerns about the cropping area next season. This season will be a raw material for Gansu until the end of March and will be switched to Yunnan province after April.
April - June Yunnan
Compared to last year, it is expected to be cheaper than the last few years due to the increase in crop area (the initial market price in Gansu early this year and the good Yunnan market price).
June to August Shandong
Agricultural production problem in Jiangsu Province, and the market price decrease over the last few years decreased, and the cultivation area decreased, and the cropping area decreased. It fell 30-40% compared with last year. Shandong province has become the same area as last year, but the number of farm households has decreased (farm settlers are similar in area to last year), and the market price is high compared with last year.